Patient Review

I wish there was a way to rate Dr. Keith Schneider and his surgical assistants higher than 5 stars! This was the first visit I had to a dentist in years after a very traumatizing experience as a child. The surgical assistants were extremely comforting and knowledgeable. During my consultation, I made my nervousness and pain clear to Dr. Keith Schneider and he managed to fit me in later that day for the surgery, even though it was spring break and they were packed!!! The surgical assistants and Dr. Schneider provided excellent follow up care. I had 4 wisdom teeth and 1 other tooth pulled all at the same time and was told how deep my roots were. Dr. Keith Schneider managed to do the very difficult procedure without any complications afterwards. I felt very comfortable contacting the office a couple times in the week following the procedure with questions. Dr. Schneider treated me with such respect and kindness. Especially because I don't have insurance I am used to being treated pretty poorly at doctor's offices. I would DEFINITELY recommend Dr. Keith Schneider to anyone asking about oral surgery!!! P.S. The surgical assistant with short black hair was absolutely amazing!!!! (I'm sorry I can't remember her name). Seriously, she deserves a raise. She made me feel so comfortable and you can tell she is very good at her job. She even seemed like she remembered me a week later. The lady at the front who has long curly hair was also exceptionally sweet. She has the office in the back left when you walk in the back door. Everyone in your office was very kind and respectful. I was blown away by not only how good they all are at their jobs (especially how busy this past week was) but like I said, how genuinely kind they all were.

- Janeane D

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