3D-Guided Surgery

There are a number of situations in which 3D guided surgery has become an ideal solution. For example, with the help of this method of surgery, patients who would like a full set of permanent teeth instead of dentures can be accommodated. 3D guided surgery is also beneficial for patients who want to replace one or more missing teeth due to injury, tooth decay, disease or poorly fitted dentures.

Digital treatment planning is where your dentist will get to leverage all the technology used up to this point to provide you with the maximum treatment benefit. Once a plan is complete and approved by your dentist(s), the plan is used to order a surgical guide. The surgical guide, as the name suggests, provides an accurate guide drilling prior to placing the implants. Guides are bone, tooth or mucosa supported. Which method is used depends on clinical factors.

CBCT and 3-D imaging can also improve the communication between the surgeon, restorative dentist and patient. Through the 3-D treatment  planning your dentist is better able to understand the limitations that may be encountered in surgery. These imaging and manufacturing capabilities do not exist with 2-D imaging and model-based treatment planning. 

You will have an opportunity to review the virtual surgery plan prior to surgery if you desire.  We find this to be a very valuable education tool for patients.  And it also helps patients to feel more informed prior to surgery, as well as less apprehensive about their procedure.

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